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Sweet Vegetable Drink.

Sweet drinks that come from vegetables are used widely in medicine macrobiotic home to a variety of health conditions, including cancer, diabetes and candida infections.

Made of four kinds of sweet vegetables - carrots, cabbage, squash and green onions - this drink provides a good source of natural sugar in the body of the vegetables.

This has a milder effect on the body than sugar or even sugar from fruit and fruit juices. Thus, helping to balance blood sugar levels and leaves a comfortable feeling.

This also helps reduce sugar appetite, especially for people with diabetic conditions and candida infections.
To prepare this sweet drinks, things that need to be prepared are:
  1. 1 / 4 cup carrots
  2. 1 / 4 cup cabbage
  3. 1 / 4 cup pumpkin or squash
  4. 1 / 4 cup green onions

Grated or finely cut vegetables.

Add four cups water and bring to a boil. reduce the flame and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes.
Simple, right?

Well, a little disturbing is momotong and grate the vegetables. But once you master it and get the benefits, things that did not bother making a big issue.

Some things to remember:
  1. Do not add any other seasoning salt. Beverages must be made only from the four kinds of sweet vegetables and water only.
  2. After the vegetables have been made sweet drinks, Save the cooking water in a flask or were stored in the refrigerator. If not, since this drink does not contain any salt or preservatives, this drink will become stale and can not be drunk.
  3. You can drink 1 / 2 and 1 cup of the drink several times a day.

If you take this drug house to help restore your health condition, it is recommended to drink it every day during the first month, every day for two months and about twice a week in the following months.

If you see the benefits of boredom will not be a barrier for healing your illness. Good try! [natural-cancer-cures]