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Lupus discussed this time is not a young man who became a character in the story books popular teenager who had several years ago. Lupus is a scary kind of illness. Not yet known for certain causes. Almost all sufferers of this disease are women. Although this disease is not too much, it never hurts to find out more lupus.

Lupus disease is generally a chronic disorder that is immune to the problem. Humans have an immune system that functions to attack foreign bodies, viruses, bacteria or germs that can cause disease. However, in people with lupus, the immune system that should serve as a protective body abnormalities. The body can not distinguish between foreign substances that must be destroyed by the body's own tissue is beneficial for survival.

As a result, the attack was the body's own tissues and cause damage to organs like the lungs, blood, skin, kidney, brain, heart, and others. Damage to the vital organs causing further called lupus patients Odapus increasingly weak and sick.


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Lupus Symptoms and Detection
Lupus symptoms can vary in each sufferer. That is why a person suffering from this disease difficult to detect the disease. In fact, the symptoms can mimic symptoms of other diseases.

This is because the organ can be attacked differently in each sufferer. For example, if the attack was the blood, the symptoms are similar to those suffering from anemia. If the attacked mouth, then the patient may experience a prolonged ulcers that can be regarded as a symptom of deficiency of vitamin C.

Some common symptoms of this disease is the appearance of red spots on the nose and cheeks to form like a butterfly called a butterfly rash. Spots may also occur in the body. In advanced stages, the disease can cause hair loss, excessive fatigue, damage to organs. Patients with lupus have symptoms like the people who suffer from cancer.

So, do I know if someone is suffering from Lupus or not is by testing antinuclear antibodies (ANA). If the positive test result then the person is likely to suffer from the disease lupus.
Causes of Lupus Disease
Lupus is not a contagious disease and most sufferers are women of childbearing age, so often considered a disease of women. Heredity, not as a direct cause of this disease. Although possible, from parents obtained an abnormal gene that has the potential for this disease, but there are other factors that this disease can occur. Allegations of experts about the cause of this disease is due to hormonal factors, but not known where the cause hormone.
Treatment of Odapus
Odapus or to treat lupus patients is to reduce the pains due to damage of organs. Treatment is done by a special effort so that this disease does not attack the other organs that can cause more severe complaints due to complications.

It should be noted also that environmental factors can aggravate the situation Odapus. For example by controlling the food, prevent it from stress, when the election must use drugs, and prevent the skin not directly exposed to sunlight containing UV.
Help for Odapus
Because not contagious, you do not have to worry about having to do with lupus disease. Instead, you can help by providing support in the form of attention and help to sufferers could receive a state so as not to stress.

This disease is a lifelong struggle. Since the period of time long enough, many Odapus (lupus patients) and family members deal with stress.

However, this disease can be encountered. Many are also successfully deal with the disease lupus. Always communicate with your doctor about this disease. Support Odapus so they are more open-minded and do not be afraid of excessive because it can worsen the condition Odapus. Try to have a sense of humor because it can help. The disease is not a funny thing, but we must try to keep a sense of humor that is not too stressful.

Support can also be given to family members Odapus, because it takes patience to care for lupus patients. Because this disease can be chronic and even life. Do not give up if you or a family member suffering from lupus.

 Read this entire letter to discover simple steps to conquer your Lupus and regain your Health day by day...


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