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Flu treatments - naturally[English - Bahasa] Print E-mail
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Flu Treatments-Naturally.[English]

Flu prevention and treatment has become the dominant health problem today.

The outbreak of new forms of bird or avian flu in Southeast Asia in mid-2003 has caused a panic. There are warnings - including the threat of the former United States President George Bush - that millions of people will die from a bird flu pandemic. So far the human death toll from bird flu, is 248 people in January 2009.

Then in April 2009 came a new report from the Mexican swine flu, the H1N1 virus is now called. Once again, this has caused widespread panic - and nations around the world struggling with all his strength to provide bird flu drug.

But not only bird flu are a source of major concern. In recent decades there have been many new infectious diseases emerge, such as viruses Ebloa, "flesh-eating bacteria" and SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome. At the same time, many diseases that have been addressed long ago turned into fierce. They include diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, diptheria, etc..

Results from these plagues not only the people who are sick, will perekonomianpun was affected as well. During the 2003 outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS illness ", the wife of a friend who works at one of five star hotels in Singapore said that there was a guest at the hotel with several hundred rooms. That's how bad things can.

Thus, although the site is titled flu treatments, including more infectious diseases - all considered causes of disease by bacteria and viruses. This considers what causes the flu and even take a critical look at the germ theory of disease and asked whether actually bacteria and viruses cause disease? Or do the opposite like some opinions of scientists, that bacteria and viruses are the result of the disease?

You'll also find a discussion of the various natural treatments such flu-Chinese traditional herbal medicine. And you may be surprised to find there that osteopathy and chiropractic, two natural health systems are generally associated with relief of aches and pains, have a success rate very well during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. Homeopathic medicines, have also proven very effective.

You will learn about the yin and yang of the flu. You probably will not find articles like this other website!

In addition to flu treatments will also be taken here useful tips on various factors diet and lifestyle that will help you prevent the flu naturally. Once again, we are not talking here about the standard advice such as "washing hands" or "avoid places where crowds". Instead, you will learn about how to prevent the flu by:

* Hydrogen peroxide
* Vitamin D
* Umeboshi, pickled plums, sour salt
* Sea salt
* Even saturated fat and cholesterol - yes, the "bad guys" actually nutrition plays an important role in preventing your cells against virus attacks!

And if you think it is a good idea to drink plenty of water, think again ... it will weaken the structure of your cell membranes and makes you more vulnerable to viruses. Find out exactly how much water to drink?
[Nature-Cancer Cures]

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