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Natural Cancer Cures – Macrobiotics[English - Bahasa] Print E-mail
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Natural Cancer Cures-Macrobiotics

Among the natural cancer cures, macrobiotics is the most effective and comprehensive system of alternative cancer treatment that I know.

When my father was diagnosed with liver cancer in 1990, I, at that time, only a beginner in macrobiotics. I've read parts of Michio Kushi, The Cancer Prevention Diet and sure enough.

But as far as the macrobiotic practices, knowledge and my experience about it zero. I've started eating a little rice and I reduce the intake of meat and milk, but about it. I have no experience with macrobiotic about how the actual cooking.

I was determined, however, to help my dad with a natural cancer treatment.

I'm less familiar with some other systems of healing nature of cancer at the time, including the Gerson Therapy and a similar system involving the use of raw vegetables, fruits and sprouts.

But I'm more confident about macrobiotics. I also feel that I have a 75-year-old father to switch to eating brown rice and other grains, plus cooked vegetables, etc., would be much easier than having him follow the other systems of natural cancer healing and eating raw vegetables.

Natural Cancer Cures

I have a friend to teach me about how to cook, read books on macrobiotic closer and started cooking for my father.

My father's blood test results for alpha-fetoprotein, a marker for cancer, liver cancer, fell from 2700 to 150. Still high level because, for healthy people without cancer, it should be less than 15. However, it was increased almost 95 percent!

The doctor was shocked, he said: "It has been a mistake" and require testing. a week later showed only marginal improvement, to 170.

There was an error. I never expect a natural cure for cancer is strong. (The doctor just shrugged it off and never gave any credit to macrobiotics or other natural cancer cure.)

Termination of Natural Healing Cancer - Cancer Being bad

He experiments with a natural cancer cure in the form of short-lived macrobiotics. He saw that it was too much of my financial drain, because I had to cook all the food for him.

In addition, I was having a debate with some of my relatives, who refused to acknowledge any role played by natural cancer drugs such as macrobiotics, and who felt that the best option is in the hands of doctors and leave everything.

Thus, my father decided not to live longer because he thought that he had lived long enough. He continued to eat what is called "normal" foods, including meat and cakes - a local dessert snack usually made with glutinous rice flour, coconut milk and sugar.
Once, we were a family reunion dinner with my sister who has returned from Canada. It was a big party, which consisted of roast duck (roast pork and children, if I remember correctly), chilli crabs and other foods.

I hope that support from family meetings may reduce some effects of the banned foods. That did not happen.

A few days later, my father in the hospital, in pain and nearly died. This time, his blood tests showed alpha-fetoprotein level of more than 33,000!

Previously, a physical examination by a naturopath friend - using hands to press against the heart - suggest that the tumor had shrunk and softened. Now, there are two large tumors.

Before a big dinner party, I must continue to give to my father and macrobiotic clear results.

One of the effects of cancer my father is that he will feel pain in the hearts of about 4 per day. The pain was very orderly, came at the same time every day. But in the days when my father ate macrobiotic food, he does not feel pain!

Natural Cancer Cures- In all the experience

The whole experience lasted only five weeks from when I started applying for my father with macrobiotics when he decided to leave the natural cancer drugs and died.

The whole episode showed me how strong macrobiotics that - in spite of it being applied by me who is a beginner at that time.

At the beginning of this article, described as macrobiotics SYSTEMS natural cancer drug.

It is important to understand macrobiotics from this perspective. Many people think macrobiotics as a diet.

Far more than that. This is a lifestyle that includes all sports and physical activity, fresh air and sunlight, to avoid negative environmental influences such as radiation from television and computer screens, and so on.

Macrobiotics also a philosophy - a way of viewing the world and understanding life and the universe. Macrobiotic approach to life includes, for example, an attitude of gratitude, understanding the role and value of opposing forces and view everything as a unified whole.

This is why I think macrobiotics is the most complete system for natural cancer cure.

Several other systems of natural cancer cure that I know is as comprehensive in its approach. Others tend to focus on just one or two things, such as detoxification, nutrition, positive thinking, visualization, energy fields, and so on.

These approaches do have value. But on their own, they may not be good enough to bring recovery from cancer.

Cancer is a complex disease and is usually not enough to handle it on only one or two fronts. Cancer survivors are usually those who adopt different approaches.

This is not to say that macrobiotics, itself, is enough for everyone. And of course will not guarantee that the recovery.

But among many systems of natural cancer healing, macrobiotics seems to me to be the most comprehensive.

Natural Cancer Cures - The difficulty

One disadvantage of macrobiotics is that some people find it difficult to understand and also very annoying if practicable.

To understand macrobiotics, people need to see the universe in the form of energy, or yin and yang.

This may seem difficult at first but once you get used to, it is actually quite easy. Just take a few minutes to understand the basics. The rest is just practice.

What is needed is to overcome your mental blocks. Some people, especially those trained in science and chemistry, will not open their minds to all that "unscientific".

I hope my article will help you understand the yin and yang in the subject better.

Microbiotics other difficulties is that they take some effort.

You need to prepare your own meals or have someone who prepare them for you. You can not rely on restaurants and other eating-out food.

You also need to change other aspects of your life, for example, doing light exercise, spend more time in nature, watch less TV, and so on. Many people are reluctant to make such changes.

If you're ready to make the effort, then I encourage you untu learn more about the healing nature of cancer. [natural-cures cancer]

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